BMW Filming – Synchronized

May 22, 2012




Saturday 28th April


BMW Filming Synchronized athlete Swimmer


Today I filmed my first shoot for BMW which was interviewing Synchronized Swimmer,

My role was to be a camera operator for the shoot, using a Canon 5D camera. I felt confident in using this camera and being a camera operator because I have got lots of experience with using a 5D.


This opportunity I felt was really worth doing and valuable, due to the fact that in the future if I become a camera operator, BMW will look really good on my CV.



February 24, 2012

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January 18, 2012

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January 18, 2012

Word of the Week – Memory

November 30, 2011



March 24, 2011

Above is the Montage which I had created for ‘A Montage of Beautiful Things’.

Overall I think that my montage has been quite successful, my posts are relevant to the words and I feel that I captured some good shots. One thing that I might have changed and probably still will is the colour correction on some of the shots, I feel that if I did this it would make it even more beautiful. Some of my shots may seem irrelevant to the words but I am able to back each of them up. I feel that I chose a good song for my video and it is my friend’s band so it is not copyrighted. I wanted my footage to fit with the uplifting beat with the music and song creating a ‘beautiful’ effect. I feel that my montage may be seen as too long but it was hard to cut down and get rid of shots because I wanted to use a lot of them. My favourite shots of my whole montage are the shots of people I took for my City project. Every person is different and I wanted to show that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, however cheesy this sounds.

I will now give an overview of each of my videos.


When I first created this video I refused to upload it due to the fact that I really didn’t like it. Some of the drawings are not very good and I would like to remake the video and draw them at a better quality. I also had feedback from my group stating that I should use a better tripod, which I agree as this is really important when creating stop motion as the tripod I used wasn’t very good. Due to the fact that ‘wall’ was the first word I really wanted to make a good video, however I feel that I didn’t master this.  I tried to create a better one where I filmed a super hero climbing a wall however this failed so I kept with my original idea. I feel that when people watch my video not a lot of people will understand the meaning of it, in a way this is quite annoying because I would have like the meaning to be more obvious, however quite a people


This is the piece that I really enjoyed making, it took up a lot of time and planning but I feel that it was worth it in the end. I first got my idea for this piece as I kept going to my friends house and it was really messy. I then watched Come Dine With Me, with inspired the play on words ‘Come Grime With Me’, for this I would create a student style Come Dine with Me, where the “Outcome is food poisoning”. One problem with this video is that it wasn’t actually very beautiful so when selecting shots to put in my montage, I thought that they didn’t suit the theme of beauty.


This was probably my favourite video which I have created due to the fact that I think that this is the video with the most ‘beautiful shots’. I really enjoyed making it mainly because the outcome was sucessful. I think it’s one of my videos that took the shortest amount of time and looked the most professional. I didn’t have to edit the film alot either and a could select a lot of images from it for my montage. I want to make an extended version and this time make one of every memver of the Media Production course. I find faces interesting as everyone is different and I like to include people into my pieces as it makes it come to life.


This film came from a simple idea which I feel was one of my most successful and entertaining. The feedback from my class was positive as they stated that it reminded them of an old movie style. The slow motion created humour and I’m glad that it entertained people, instead of boring them as I feel entertainment is a key to media.


Eventhough I liked many of the shots in the video, a lot were shaky and I felt that it was a ‘typical’ montage video, which I didn’t really like because I don’t think it is my style. I enjoyed making the video as I felt that I captured some unique shots. One thing to improve this video would probably be to colour correct the videos and also to perhaps shorten the shots. I felt that the natural sound of the nature bought life into the film making it more interesting to watch. I quite liked capturing shots of nature, throughout this montage I haven’t created anything like this so it was good to try something new

Symmetry – Faces

This video took the longest amount of time, with editing and creating the footage. I don’t think it was a very sucessful video due to the fact that it cut off and wasn’t very well edited. I had trouble trying to get all of the clips to stay still due to the fact that when I filmed everyones faces they kept moving. If I was to create the video again I would definately get people to keep their heads and faces still, even though it would be hard this was one of the main problems. As well as the fact that I was trying to experiment by getting them to look up down,left and right but this messed up some of the footage.

Music –

For this video I created it for my montage as another one of my own words, I kept a static shot of my two friends playing their guitars and singing. I think that it worked well and so did the colour correction that I chose. If I was to film this piece again I would definately record the sound on another piece of equipment such as a merranz due to the fact that it didn’t sound very well. I would also try and experiment with other shots, however personally I felt that the one shot was enough.

I will now evaluate one piece in further detail. This piece is going to be Symmetry.

My first idea for symmetry was to create a piece of dance where everyone would be symmetrical and dance the same dance moves, however as soon as I thought of my idea I was bored of it.

I started thinking about faces and how they are supposed to be symmetrical, and thought about ideas of how I could use faces in the them of symettry.

Originally I thought about face morphing, but watching examples of videos made me realise I had actually no idea how to start or do this.

Whilst on Facebook I found the above link which allowed people to see what their babies would look like taking pictures from both of their partners, I thought this idea was quite amusing and thought about the idea of morphing different faces into each other.

The aim of the video was to make it visually entertaining and to shock people as they would wonder what it was. Whilst editing my footage in the editing suites I got a lot of postive feedback stating that it wa really interesting what I had done. The quality of the video is not that strong and it doesn’t last very long due to the fact that after editing the footage for so long only certain parts were worthy of the final video. I would like to re create and carry on developing the piece, due to the fact that when I showed it to people theyw were dissapointed as I hadn’t completed it properly. I would also like to use even more faces in the piece and perhaps use actual couples and make the predictions of ‘what your baby would like like in the future’, come to life.

Process and Development – Dirt

March 23, 2011


When I first thought of the word dirt, there weren’t many things that came to mind which would be seen as beautiful but that was the challenge of being given this word. My initial idea was to create a film which was based around the idea that people in homes waste food so much in Britain. I was going to do a time lapse of a full fridge, then every day there is a shot of all of the food gradually becoming mouldy but humans constantly reject those items. I decided against the idea, as I didn’t want to risk wrecking the camera by putting it in the fridge, as well as the fact that I’m sure my housemates would have eaten the props to the film. Sticking with the idea of food I began looking at cooking programmes to see if I could insert the theme of dirt in any of them.

When I came across the programme ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’, this gave me an idea following on from the fridge idea that contestants on the show had to make a meal out of the contents of their freezer, showing a message of not to waste food. Unfortunately I decided against the idea as I felt that I wouldn’t get my point across.

I went to my friends’ house and noticed that it was really dirty, bearing in mind that they are students (without sounding like I am generalising), I wasn’t surprised at the state. This gave me the idea of wanting to represent the fact that students are actually quite dirty, once again, I know it sounds like I am generalising but they actually are!

See below for photo evidence.

After watching episodes of Come Dine With Me, once again this developed my idea of representing students as dirty as it stuck with the theme of dirt and I wanted it to be a fun piece.

When researching and watching the programme I decided to play on the words of the title to call it ‘Come Grime With me’. This fitted with the theme of dirt as I was going to make the show filthy and disgusting, even though it didn’t show beauty, it would generate laughter, which I feel is a very beautiful thing.

After watching many episodes of Come Dine With Me I decided that I wanted to only create the opening titles of the episode, as this was a preview to the show, meaning that I could include many different images and storylines, showing what the programme would include.

These are the sort of shots which are in the opening titles of Come Dine With Me. I took the visuals to create them into a theme of dirt. I brainstormed different shots which I would add the the opening title which are below.

Rat running across the table.

Close up of contestants scoring each other.

Close up of people’s faces looking disgusted.

Medium shots of table that they are dining on.

Close up of disgusting food which has been cooked.

Shot of someone being sick to show that they have been poisoned.

Shot of someone dropping food on the floor then picking it up and serving the contestants.

Here of some of the final shots used in Come Grime With Me.  I wanted to make it disgusting but humourous so it was entertaining. I also made sure that I made the shots get to the point so they could flash on and off like it does in the titles.

After sorting out all of the shots, based on the idea of the characters that I was going to use who are my friends, I arranged a day to film them. I booked out a Z1 to film the piece on. I also contacted my friend who is a composer to create the audio soundtracks for the piece. Like the original I asked him to create a ‘grimey’ version of the theme tune which he did sucessfully however I didn’t use it in the edit, due to the fact that I cut the piece off before the titles began to role. I also got my friend to create ‘Girls Aloud- Love Machine’ , in a grimey version. This would be the backing track to the whole introduction of the programme.


On the day of filming I made sure that it was night time, as they have dinner parties in the night on the programme. I decided that the first thing I would film was an establishing shot of all of the contestants at the dinner table. I set up the scene but putting all of the rubbish on the table to make it extra messy, even though it was extremly messy already. I filmed the shot at different angles so I got a selection of shots to choose from. For one shot I tied a mouse on some string and pulled it across the table as if it had ran across and got the contestants to react to it.

For the next shot I filmed a contestant eating a rat,  I thought this would be humourous as everyone had previously screamed about it running across the table and now the contestant was eating it.

To show that it was a preview show, I filmed different types of shots in different locations. I took the idea from the show, as it showed different shots at the start such as medium close ups of people’s opinions. Due to the fact that the theme of the programme I was creating was dirt and it was supposed to be disgusting, I filmed some shocking shots such as someone puking in the toilet and two contestants rubbing chocolate all over their faces.

When I completed all of my shots I edited them and chose the best ones to select for the introduction to the programme. I made sure that the shots weren’t too long as I had to cram a lot to show what the programme was going to be about. Whilst editing I realised that a lot of my shots were extremely dark, even though I wanted it to look grimey, I should of white balanced it better. I tried to colour correct it but felt that it didn’t look right so I left the video clips how they were. When I put my shots together, I noted down what shots I have used and the order that they were in, so I could create a voice over for them.

I contacted my friend and gave him the list of shots as well as the voice over script which I had created. After watching lots of Come Dine With Me programmes, I realised that the voice over was humourous and cracked a lot of jokes so I tried to make it funny, sticking to the theme of dirty students.

The voice over was sucessful and fitted well with the clips. I then contacted my friend who had made the music for the video and put it over the top. Finally my video was finished.

Overall I think that my film was a sucess I mastered what I was trying to achieve and had loads of fun making it. However one thing I would of changed was the colour of it as mentioned before it was too dark. I also think that some of the clips were too disgusting, like when the contestant was sick all over herself. When I got feedback from my video it was mentioned that I was generalizing students, however I disagree because students are messy! THEY ARE MESSSSSY. I think if I was to re shoot I would also use a tripod as I didn’t which was quite a big mistake. I would also make sure the music at the end was quietened, as it was said that the contestant couldn’t be heard. If Iwas to make this again I would also create the opening titles, in graphics, as I tried to make these but they didn’t look very good so I didn’t include them.


March 21, 2011


Overall, after negotiating a few hurdles I feel that we made a pretty good short film in the end. Each member of the group worked well to make the film happen, I think even if sometimes times were tough we worked well as a team to make the film a success.

At the start of the making of the film, I really wanted to go with our first idea which was the idea to film a short film in Ikea, after being rejected by them we had to use our back up idea of a film in Costcutter which turned out to be the final idea.

Having so many ideas, made me realise that sometimes even though your first idea seems like the best one, sometimes it isn’t and you have to make sure that you keep your options open. It also allowed me to learn that if you truly want something you have to work really hard to get it, in the future I plan to continue with the idea of making a short film in Ikea as I still feel that it is a really good idea.

This was the first time that I have ever directed a film, at first I was not very confident and didn’t feel comfortable that I was the director, but in the end I found it fun and thought I did a good job at keeping everything together and getting all of the shots that I requested on the shot list. I have also learnt that sometimes, you can be as organised as you want, but on the day of shooting not everything will go to plan so you have to make sure that you have the skill and initiative to work around any problems that happen on the day. Examples are when on the night of the Costcutter shoot it was discovered that one of the main actors had to leave early, meaning the shot list had to be changed really quickly into an order that could allow the actor to leave as well as extras, if I did not do this we would not have the actors for the film. I found this really difficult at some points as I had visualised and written out every shot of the story board in order so that I knew it but this also made it easier to film in a different order as I made sure that everything was the same such as costumes and lighting when we filmed the different scenes at different times. When being a director, your mood affects the crew. Whilst on the shoot I made sure that I kept positive and gave everyone clear instructions on what to do. It made me realise how important a director is to a making of a film and liked being the magnet that held everyone together.


I think if I was to ever be a director again I need to be more dominant due to the fact that because the people in the crew were my friends, I felt that they didn’t really take me seriously as a director. I think that creating a film in the industry with a professional cast would be completely different to what we did, as it was the first ever short film I have ever directed and we had to do it on our own back. Thanks to a lot of research I made sure that I made sure I knew exactly how to direct a film properly. I managed to stick the shooting schedule and I was determined to get every shot on the shot list that I created, even though there were 90 shots, plus more, I made sure that we shot them all.

We didn’t use professional actors in the film and I think this is why it took longer to shoot. One of the actors wasn’t as strong as I thought they were going to be, which I feel affected the film a bit as I wanted them to be more dramatic. In the casting there was another person who was great at the role but just didn’t suit the character, it was hard to make the decision but in the end I think that the person chosen for the final role was the correct one. I would also think of better ways to cast if I was to make another film, as I feel that not a lot of people were reached even though Jambo did an excellent job, I think maybe other ways of getting professional actors could be suggested such as creating flyers. One thing that was great about the group was if we needed something we didn’t give up to find it, for example when we needed our final actor Marek myself and Jambo scouted Coventry for someone who could be Marek. Gergana, Anca and Shaun also helped with this and thanks to Gergana we eventually found a Marek.

Even though I think that the film was a success I would make a few changes if it was to be made again. I feel that the final shot should have lasted longer of Simon in the aisle. I also think that there should have been an establishing shot of the picnic, when Elina and Simon sit in the aisle as the audience don’t really see what they are doing and this is a main feature of the film. After filming many shots of this scene, there was not one shot which looked good enough however I still think we should have put one in. I also think that the sound of the freezers effected the piece, however his could not be helped but with more time it could have been erased on and audio editing file. Also the audio could have been recorded after the film was shot then synced into the characters mouths.

Process and development

March 21, 2011

Own Word-Nature

March 21, 2011

After looking at my videos, I realised that a lot of them were not in the ‘beautiful’ catergory. To be honest, I think it’s because typical beauty in this project is classed as picturess views and really nice shots, however I have tried to be ‘beautiful’ in a different way by thinkin of originial ideas and being creative. However, after going to a bird sanctuary I wanted to try out getting natural shots of birds and nature. I made sure that I was patient when capturing the shots as they wasn’t just going happen straight away. I thought that I spotted and gained some really nic shots well, such as the ducks ducking into the water at the same time. I decided that the shots cutting on to each other worked well and didn’t need that much editing and they went well together nicely. I feel that some of the shots could have been a lot shorter however there was a range of shots so they wasn’t that boring. Overall I think I created quite a good film, many of the shots are able to be used in my montage and I have experienced a new way of gaining beautiful things, through patience and experimenting with things that you would never had tried before.